Kill Your Dreams In 6 Steps Plus One

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Have you ever questioned yourself how people achieve their dreams? When I think about the dreams myself and others around me have, it is amazing to see how big is the correlation between the dreams that we have and the projects that never happen. In most cases, we don’t even get started.
Since I haven’t achieved most of my dreams I am “really” proud to present the Six Steps plus One on how not to achieve your dreams.

Step 1 Overnight Success
Believe in overnight success. Everybody knows the story of that nerd that built a mobile phone application and sold it faster than what you take to digest a burrito, for a huge amount of money. You read the statistics and it is real, the money he made, the time he spent to make that money, but I am pretty sure it is not the all story. If you dig further you probably will find out that the same guy was at his 45 apps before this, he was locked in his room 14 hours a day, has done a master’s on the subject and he was working on that particular topic for over 20 years. Overnight success stories are always a result of everything you’ve done in your life through that moment.

Step 2 Others Have The Answer For You
Believe there is someone out there that has the answers for you. People want to help you out, isn’t it?  Friends, Family, Business Partners, Neighbours, and so on. Every single one of them has at least an opinion on which path you should take for your life. Unfortunately, as you start walking through one, there are multiple crossroads to pick up, there are choices and decisions to make and No one else has the perfect answers for your life. You should choose to take responsibility for your decisions, if you hit your head somewhere, well that’s part of the process, just bear with it.

Step 3 It’s Their Fault Not Mine
Always believe the fault is someone else’s. How many times you hear people saying “I created this product but it was not the right moment, the market is so bad right now”. Better this one “My team is useless, their performances are mediocre at best, I cannot find a good talent” Or “I had this wonderful idea for a new product, but no investor had the vision to see the future”. I know the market is not great, investors may not think as inventors and it may be hard to find “great” talents, but if nobody bought your product, if nobody bought your idea, that should be your fault. All those no are feedback. Negative ones. If you are reading this line is because you choose to go ahead past the title, if you would have stopped there, that would have been a different feedback. You need to accept and learn from that feedback as well as be responsible for making things happen. You Have To Be Responsible For Your Dreams.

Step 4 Be an “Hardaholic”
Believe it is too hard. You know it will take time and effort to finish your product, your idea. You know it will not be easy to find the support you need, the money you need, the space you need. Your belief that what you find hard has to be hard will make everything harder. Start asking yourself, is this hard because of the situation? Or is it hard because of the way I am seeing it? Or because I am making it hard? This will help you to shift your perception and take a step forward.

Step 5 Settle down
When you start to see growth and success, settle down. You have a great product, you are making money, your team is great. When it looks that everything is set then it is time to settle. You may argue with me that you should follow one course until successful and then enjoy your success. I like to think that “defining Goals, defines your limitations”. When it looks like you are making it, that’s the moment when you should start working harder than ever. If you are selling half million copies of your first book, writing a great sequel can bring your sales to one million and beyond. There is no time to settle down, but daily constant improvement with a “growth mindset, goals oriented mind”

Step 6 Focus on the finish line

Believe the thing that matter most is the destination, the dream itself. A while ago I saw a cartoon, it was about two friends going up a mountain, a very high mountain. You were able to imagine it was a lot of work from the way they were sweating. Finally, after a strenuous effort, they made it to the peak. The first guy turns towards his friends and with his raised arms “Yes! We made it, we’re at the top!” The other one looks at him and a few seconds later says “Great, let’s go down.” You should definitely enjoy the goals you achieve and celebrate them, but you should always remember that life is about the journey. Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Every single achievement will surely make you excited and happy. but with time those will slowly fade away. Make every step of your journey something to learn, if you made it wrong. Celebrate, if you made it right. Doing so it will certainly make your journey a better one.

Plus 1 Never Start
Follow those five steps and you will be likely to Kill your dreams. If you really want to be sure, you will never realize your dreams, there is one infallible way: Never Start!

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